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Blog: A Scheurer Thing

Welcome to our blog, A Scheurer Thing; it's one of the fastest ways to stay connected with all things Scheurer-related. Check back often for news, health tips, resources, fitness trends, and updates from the family medicine professionals here at the Scheurer organization. We proudly serve patients throughout Bad Axe, Caseville, Elkton, Pigeon, Sebewaing, and the surrounding MI areas. As we continue to roll out our new website, A Scheurer Thing will continue to become more robust and the location for the latest news and videos.

Annual Service Awards


The 12 months of 2020 certainly did not go to plan, but it did reveal just how great of a team we have at Scheurer. In the early months of the year, our team made a difference in patients’ lives every single day.

Then COVID-19 hit our country’s shores.

Read more about our awesome team celebrating their incremental anniversaries by clicking the blue button.

New Year // New Normal

The new year is here. With the start of the new year, we can create a new ‘new normal.’ For many, the new normal that we have been functioning under has not been good. Many are unhappy with how 2020 turned out. Based on our current circumstances, are you making the best of the new normal? Are you happy with your new normal? Have you been adapting well? If you are unhappy with your new normal, I have tips that will help make 2021 better than 2020.

COVID-19 Vaccines Arrive at Scheurer Health

Historically, the Monday after Christmas would be a low-energy type of day across a workplace, however at Scheurer Health, emotions and energy levels were at a ten-month high. Over the holiday weekend, the first shipment of COVID-19 vaccines were delivered to Scheurer Health and distribution to front-line employees began promptly Monday morning at seven o’clock.
Dr. Ross Ramsey, Vice-President of Medical Affairs and physician at Scheurer Primary Care – Elkton, was eager to receive the Moderna vaccine and volunteered to be the first one to signify his faith and belief in the science behind it. “It is exciting to be able to have additional protection for the entire Scheurer Health. Over the last few months, we have had repeated exposure to the virus and receiving this first dose so quickly is a huge step to combat COVID-19 and bring some normalcy back to our lives.”

Fighting Covid's Mental Game

Months have passed since the first case of covid made its appearance in Huron County. We have moved past spring and summer. Fall is upon us and winter will be here before we know it. Time is flying by. How have you adapted to the ‘new normal?”

As I talk with people during this pandemic, a specific theme continues to emerge. Everyone is stressed. People are stressed over their health, the possibility that they might get covid-19, losing their job, putting food on their table or keeping a roof over their head. The list of stressors is long. You name it, someone is stressed about it. Everyone is stressed.


FAQ with Dr. Ross Ramsey

There is a lot of confusion and unknowns when it comes to the current implications of Covid-19. Dr. Ross Ramsey, Vice-President of Medical Affairs at Scheurer Health sits down to bring some clarity and debunk some myths surrounding the subject. In this 15-minute video, topics covered include:

Covid Testing -- when and how?
Rapid or PCR -- what is the difference?
Incubation Periods -- what is it?
Vaccine Development -- what is the timeline?
Vaccine Safety -- what does an FDA approval mean?
Quarantine Lengths -- what is the importance of completing all the days?
Current Symptoms -- what are the most frequent symptoms lately?
Michigan Hospitals Capacity -- what are the implications of increased Covid cases?
Scheurer Health Readiness -- what is the local plan?

We All Need To Do Our Part

As we enter into the holiday season, it is important to stay diligent to help combat the spread of COVID-19. In this five minute video, President & CEO Terry Lerash discusses the key points in helping our state's health system from being stretched too thin. Across Michigan, Intensive Care Units (ICU) are nearing capacity and larger hospitals are running out of space. We all need to do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Readers' Choice Awards

Every year, the Huron Daily Tribune turns to its readers to designate people and businesses for their "Readers' Choice Awards." This year, over 64,000 votes were submitted over the course of a month and we are extremely proud and humbled by the honors that we received this year as an organization. We have always taken great pride in providing outstanding healthcare with the utmost care and compassion, but it is entirely rewarding to know that our community appreciates and understands the quality of care that we strive for, every single day.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) has become increasingly common in society over the past several decades. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 34.2 million Americans, (about 1 in 10) have the disease. T2D is a chronic condition in which a patient’s ability to metabolize blood sugar is impaired. If left untreated long-term complications of T2D can include heart attacks, strokes, limb amputation, blindness, kidney failure, and permanent nerve damage. Two of the biggest misconceptions about T2D, are that 1. It is a disease caused by eating too much sugar, and 2. Once you have T2D, you can never eat carbohydrates again.


Bad Axe Video Preview

Haven't stopped by our latest location yet? Let Dr. Nguyen show you around! Scheurer Primary Care - Bad Axe is open and accepting new patients. Now, you can see your primary care provider, complete your lab work and even an X-ray -- all under one roof. Come experience our integrative health model for yourself.

Long Nguyen, MD -- Primary Care
Jennifer Jones, NP -- Primary Care
Kerrie Rabanera, MD -- Pediatrics
Lois Booms, NP -- Pediatrics
Primary Care
Diagnostic Imaging
Laboratory Services
Scheurer Primary Care - Bad Axe
75 Buschlen Rd // Bad Axe, MI


COVID-19 // Dealing With Grief

Chris Rabanera, Behavioral Health Specialist and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist stops by once again to discuss the tolls of grief on our lives, emotions and relationships.
For the latest information surrounding our fight against COVID-19, visit