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Blog: A Scheurer Thing

Welcome to our blog, A Scheurer Thing; it's one of the fastest ways to stay connected with all things Scheurer-related. Check back often for news, health tips, resources, fitness trends, and updates from the family medicine professionals here at the Scheurer organization. We proudly serve patients throughout Bad Axe, Caseville, Elkton, Pigeon, Sebewaing, and the surrounding MI areas. As we continue to roll out our new website, A Scheurer Thing will continue to become more robust and the location for the latest news and videos.


Cheeseburger in Caseville Recap

What a week it was in Caseville! We had the pleasure of being a part in a number events including:
Saturday // 5k Fun Run.
Tuesday // Health Expo.
Tuesday // Flashbacks concert co-sponsor.
Wednesday // Parade of Tropical Fools.
Thursday // Kids Safety Day.

Enjoy a short recap of our busy week in Key North!


Parade of Tropical Fools

We had a blast during the Cheeseburger in Caseville Parade of Tropical Fools. Altogether, we handed out nearly 5,000 beach balls! Check out the video to see how it all went down in America's greatest Wednesday Night Parade.


Bad Axe Facility Progress | August 10, 2019

We continue to make progress at Bad Axe location! For the past few weeks, crews have been busy pouring concrete for the basement, excavating drainage ways and prepping the site for curb installation. For more, go to


Cheeseburger in Caseville 5k Fun Run // 2019

Thank you to the 348 participants in this year's Cheeseburger 5k Fun Run -- the most fun race of them all! For complete race results, click here.


Huron Community Fair 2019

We have had the pleasure of being a day sponsor at the Huron Community Fair for a number of years -- this year was no exception. Thank you to all who came out and supported such a great event for the entire week and to the volunteers and board members who work year-round to make the Fair possible. Here's a small video recap of the week!


Sunset Classic 5k | 2019

Over 100 people participated in this year's Sunset Classic 5k on July 18, 2019. Record temperatures set the tempo for the night with record times, five kilometers later! For a list of completed times and results, click here.


Bad Axe Facility Progress | July 25, 2019

All of the site prepwork has been completed, underground drains have been installed and now onto the basement and foundation!

Follow along with us we build a state-of-the-art facility in the Bad Axe!


Meet the Provider | Natalya Salowich, DPM

Natalya Salowich, DPM was born and raised in Kingsley, Michigan -- about a half of an hour south of Traverse City. Her rural upbringing makes her feel right at home and can't wait to provide Podiatry services to the entire Thumb area. She, her husband and 6-month old son are ecstatic to be settling in and look forward to meeting you. So far, she has been overwhelmed by the friendliness and welcoming characteristics that make Scheurer Health such a special place to work and utilize. Learn more about Dr. Salowich by watching her video below!

Looking for a provider? Click here!

3D Mammography at Scheurer

“See your health in three-dimensions” – that’s the new mantra of our Digital Breast Mammography + Tomosynthesis service line, or commonly referred to as “3D Mammography.” Much like anything in life, the ability to see things from multiple angles allows for a better understanding of any situation, place and scenario; the same can be said about Breast Imaging. Over the years, many improvements have been made for the detection of cancer. Making the switch from Analog to Digital Mammography was a huge technological advancement. Now, with better resolution and the addition of Tomosynthesis (making it 3D), the ability to catch cancers at an early stage has never been better. The science behind 3D Mammography allows the screening exam to capture additional images from more than just the top and side, as previous 2D mammograms allowed. Having a final image in greater detail allows the Radiologist to determine a more accurate and precise diagnosis.


How to be the WORST gym member ever

With New Year's Resolutions in full-swing, learn what NOT to do while at a gym. Sandy Shores Wellness Center is open seven days a week with fitness, exercise, weight-lifting, pool, sauna, hot tub and group classes available. Learn more by clicking here.