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Blog: A Scheurer Thing

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Auxiliary Spring Style Show

A true staple of Spring, the Scheurer Auxiliary hosted its annual event to a record crowd and more fashion than ever before. Amy's of Pigeon and Simply A to Z Boutique were both on hand for the event, showing off their latest styles. Thank you to all who attended!


Pies In The Face!

There is just something about watching whipped cream being plopped onto someone’s face. It triggers the inner child in all of us and erupts a room into rolling belly laughs, smiles and giggles. On Friday, April 21, five pies were flung to celebrate another successful Relay for Life fundraiser at Scheurer Health and kickstarted everyone’s weekend with a little extra luster.


The Masks Are Off

For the first time in over 1,100 days, we can finally see your smiling faces once again. As of Monday, April 17, 2023, masks are no longer required at Scheurer Health locations.

Rewind to the early days of the pandemic…

Directives were changing by the hour, confusion seeped from every corner of the world and instructions of how to battle this “coronavirus” were coming and going faster than a NASCAR pitstop.


Long Term Care Closure

Hear from Dr. Ross Ramsey about the decisions associated with the closing of Long Term Care.

For all of the details regarding Long Term Care closure, please click here.

  • Timeline of our Long Term Care closure plan
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Breakdown of Long Term Care finances
  • Interactive map of other area facilities and nursing homes

Scheurer Relay for Life // Rose to the Occasion 🌹

Since 2020, the Scheurer Relay for Life team has had a flower fundraiser sale to raise money for the Huron County Relay for Life which then gets donated to the American Cancer Society for cancer awareness and research. Scheurer employees, local businesses, and schools were able to purchase flowers and send them to whomever they'd like.


The Scheurer Fit Challenge is back!

Achieve your personal fitness goals with the eight week journey of the Scheurer Fit Challenge! Starting February 13, you and your team of four will have access to unlimited group fitness classes, weekly check-ins and challenges and much more -- all while holding each other accountable.


Vicky Turner // 90 Years of Doing Life Her Way

We go through many homes in our lifetime. From growing up in a childhood home to college dorms to buying a home and eventually settling in your forever home. For Vicky Turner, she concluded that life’s journey never ends and now calls Scheurer Senior Living her home.


Laughing All The Way // Christmas Trivia Video

Despite the longest title in game show history, join Clark Ramsey as he roams the main campus of Scheurer Health asking teammates "the tough questions" -- which might just be a mixture of Christmas movie trivia, spelling tests and bad puns.


Spreading Scheurer Christmas Cheer

As Buddy the Elf once said, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear” and the working elves at Scheurer did just that.

Donned in green Scheurer Santa hats and light-up necklaces, employees visited Country Bay Village, Country Gardens and Long Term Care and sang along with residents with merry smiles and joy.


2022 Service Awards // Video

This year, we celebrated the service of 61 individuals for their time spent at Scheurer, a whopping combined total of 885+ years! Enjoy this highlight reel of the event.