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Blog: A Scheurer Thing

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Welcome to Scheurer 2.0

This website is the product of two years in the making, in partnership with some of the sharpest minds in healthcare web design. Our goal is to make more than just a website with contact information and photos. We have chosen to make this a platform with health resources for our patients and provide ways for better health, to make for a better life.

New to our website, you will find a health library with tips, topics & recipes, a user-friendly interface to access medical records, a comprehensive calendar of community events hosted by Scheurer and much, much more.

Coming soon will be a virtual tour of every one of Scheurer's 16 locations, more video features of our medical providers and success stories of what it truly means to be Scheurer.

Thank you for being Scheurer!

Hand holds sign that saying Are you Scheurer? in city square

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