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Vicky Turner // 90 Years of Doing Life Her Way


We go through many homes in our lifetime. From growing up in a childhood home to college dorms to buying a home and eventually settling in your forever home. For Vicky Turner, she concluded that life’s journey never ends and now calls Scheurer Senior Living her home.

Vicky’s first home was her family home in Pigeon where she was born in the year 1932. She went to Little Turner Country School through her childhood years then went onto Elkton High School.

“After graduating from Elkton High School, I would come to Pigeon quite often. I knew people in Pigeon and that is when I met my husband. We met at a baseball game, and it was love at first sight. He was a very nice man and if you talk to anybody in Pigeon, they would say he was a jewel.”

After Vicky and her husband Glenn locked eyes, they dated for two years and married in 1949.

“We both wanted a big family, and we got seven children. We raised them here in Pigeon, just a mile and a half out of town. It was great fun. We had a place up north and we went up there a lot. The kids would run through the woods like animals.”

It was in 2016 when Vicky’s husband, Glenn passed and she started to think about her next move.

“A year after Glenn passed, I came to Country Bay Village. I always heard that you should stay in your home for at least a year until you know exactly what you want to do. After living at Country Bay Village for three years, I fell and broke my pelvis. Then I made the decision to move to Country Gardens. I needed more help. I wasn’t staying hydrated, had to make my own meals and wasn’t eating properly. By moving to Country Gardens, I was able to get that extra help.”

When asked what the deciding factor was to move out of a place she called home for 55 years to Country Bay Village, Vicky answered, “All the people here. When I first came here, Matt Roemer [Manager of Country Bay Village], introduced me to all the people in the dining room. They all knew me because I grew up here and went to church here. It wasn’t a hard decision because everybody was so friendly.”

After being at Country Bay Village for three years, Vicky was confident on making her decision to move to Country Gardens and getting that extra help.

“I enjoyed having all three meals made for me a day. My favorite item they make here is the sweet and sour chicken, but the chocolate desserts have definitely expanded my waistline,” Vicky said with a chuckle.

“I’ve told different people they should consider coming here because you get excellent care. You get delicious food and get to be with very friendly people. Also, you never will get bored since there is always something to do.”

Vicky Turner recently turned 90-years-old and is one of the smiliest, cheeky people you could possibly meet. Her story of moving from Country Bay Village to Country Gardens is a reminder that we all have a choice of where we want to go in life. Vicky feels as if she is right at home at Country Gardens and is happy with her decision to live here at Scheurer.

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