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Blog: A Scheurer Thing

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School Wellness Clinics

When looking for the right personality of a school nurse, there is no need to look any further than Heidi Still, RN. Armed with anything from first aid supplies to granola bars, it only takes a moment to feel her electric and downright magnetic persona. Heidi has gotten to know most, if not every student on a personal level in the Bad Axe School District, despite everything that the 2020-21 school year threw at them.

Scheurer Health is a proud partner with not only Bad Axe Public Schools, but also Lakers and Caseville School Districts. Through the school wellness clinics, Scheurer provides free services for any student during school to allow peace of mind for the parents, teachers and students alike.

Heidi sees the school wellness clinic as a harbor of refuge for students who may not be feeling quite like themselves. She added, “If we can help a student be in school more often because they have their medications under control or so they can focus on their schoolwork without having to worry about their tummy hurting, that’s a win for me, the student, the parent, the school district, everyone.”

“I feel like I am able to provide reassurance to the teachers when they have students that they’re concerned about and I can act as a liaison between the school and the parents.”

Yet, the importance is much greater than just early detection of a cold or tending to a sprained wrist. According to Greg Newland, Bad Axe Public Schools Superintendent, "The students and families of Bad Axe Schools have benefited tremendously from our partnership with Scheurer Health. They have a professional and caring staff with resources that can be utilized within our school community. It is comforting to know that Scheurer is there to help meet the wellness needs of our students. With these needs met, it helps to ensure that students can achieve success in the classroom with the services provided through our Scheurer School Wellness Clinic."

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