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How Do You Recharge Your Batteries?

Recharging isn't just for cellphones. We need to be recharging our batteries regularly as well to function at our best. Recharging your internal batteries is a very important factor when it comes to to taking care of your mental health. Similar to cellphones, when we're not fully recharged, we don't perform as well.

We'd like to challenge and encourage you to recharge your batteries throughout the year. Take time out of the day or week to do something you enjoy doing or simply just relax.

Below are examples of how some of our staff here at Scheurer recharge their wellness batteries.

Katie Jones // "I love to recharge by spending time with my friends and family. It eases any tension I might have picked up along the way at work, and gives me time to focus on the most important people in my life."

Shelley Baur // "I enjoy golfing because I get to take in the lush scenery, be outdoors and spend time with friends. It's a mood elevator. Even if the golf game doesn't come together, the outdoor activity with friends makes the day worthwhile. It's good for the soul."

Wendy Gettel (pictured above) // "Walk our beautiful break walls in Caseville, and Pt Austin, toss in our kayaks and paddle our beautiful lakes, swimming in our pool. Besides the fresh air, I feel all above are healthy activities, and a great way to brush off any negativity of the day and week. Sunshine on my face, and fresh air, win win!"

Kim Leipprandt // "I know this probably won't get featured (totally understand) but I started a 'beer wall' in my garage after Covid hit. Busch Light came out with their Corn Beer cases and then the Apple cases. From then on my husband and I (and the help of friends and family) have quite the collection started. Relaxing with a drink amongst friends. Striking up conversation that can lead to looking back on fun memories!"

Brian Batzer (pictured above) // "Fishing. It's just peaceful, especially early in the morning or late in the evening. It allows for a time of complete disconnect from work, obligations, and worries. I put a line in the water, sit back, and relax. Sometimes I catch a fish, sometimes I don't. It's perfectly fine either way. I've still had that moment of peace, and that's what's important."

Melissa Schultz // "I enjoy hiking and being out in the woods with my family. It's a chance for us to be unplugged from all electronics and just take in what nature has to offer together."

Shannon Schultz (pictured above) // "I recharge by spending time with my husband Tim, my family, my three dogs, and resting at home. We are avid campers! If we aren’t camping on the weekends, we will go shopping, out to eat, take rides around the Thumb or a drive to Bay City. I also love decorating and fixing up my home in my spare time."

Shyann Muntz // "Ride my horse Tink or ride 4 wheelers with my boyfriend. Takes a lot of stressful things off of my shoulders

Alex Truance (pictured above) // I recharge by going paddle boarding in my free time. This activity is enjoyable to me because I find it relaxing and there is so much I can do. I could pick a destination and travel there or I can paddle out, lay down and just float. And of course the best part, if it’s too hot, I can dive in and swim around."

Pamela Howard // "I make cards for people. Get Well cards, Birthday cards, Anniversary cards, cards for Infusion Patients and Country Gardens Residents, etc. We all need a cheerleader and that's what I try to be for the infusion patients that come to me for screenings. I love when I am able to cheer up someone else. I feel a sense of purpose and well being."

Sean Smith // I recharge by going hunting. I hunt for ducks, geese, deer, turkey, upland game birds and small game. I enjoy hunting to spend time by myself or to make new memories with my family. I find hunting to be relaxing yet exhilarating. I also enjoy teaching the next generation about conservation, preserving natural resources, and hunting ethically."

Neil Belmont (pictured above) // "I recharge by building things from steel in my garage/workshop. I have a lot of equipment, and I do a lot of welding/fabricating. I enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the project when it's finished. I learned how to from my father when I was very young. Now, if I have just a picture, sketch or even a verbal description from someone, I can usually replicate what is needed spot on, and doing that comes great satisfaction."

Cheryl Jurgess // "I mentally relax by working on making my homemade cards and scrapbooking. It relaxes me and clears my exhausted mind. My scrap room is my happy place, when I feel stressed or overwhelmed I go to my scrapbooking room. I enjoy making cards and mailing them out to brighten someone’s day."

Barb Schultz (pictured above) // "I recharge by quilting, canning, baking and gardening. I feel a sense of accomplishment and I can share the quilts, baked or canned goods, or veggies/fruits with others."

Tina Krenz // "I enjoy driving around the shoreline of the Thumb and stopping to enjoy wildlife and see friends along the way."

Jillian LaFave // "My favorite thing to do is to spend time with my two girls. Playing outside, going for walks, playing games, etc. I miss my girls terribly throughout the day so having some uninterrupted time to just focus on them makes my heart happy. Watching my girls grow and change and become little humans is just the most joyful thing in the world."

David & Hope Gilbert (pictured above) // "My family and I like to spend our free time camping. I like being able to watch each member of my family enjoy themselves outside. Camping gives us stress free family time!"

Melissa Gilbert // "I enjoy cleaning the pool for my family and friends to come have a good time in. I love watching the adults act like a bunch of kids and just the memories in general made with my family and friends in the pool."

Melissa Smith // "I recharge by being in the outdoors. Whether that's walking in the woods, hunting or fishing. I just love being outside, enjoying God's handy work."

Lauren Messing // "I enjoy going for walks. Walking allows me to have half an hour or so to get out, enjoy the weather, and think about my day and what is yet ahead. My biggest benefit from walking is that I feel so much better after, especially if I had a lot on my mind."

Elizabeth Zdrojewski // "Fishing ... I thoroughly enjoy being out on the bay and catching fish. I really enjoy this sport because I get to do it with my Dad, and my dog, Beau. All other thoughts and worries don't seem to matter when you're miles out on the bay in good weather, and good company. Plus you get some tasty food for dinner!"

Tammy Nutt (pictured above) // "My husband and I ride our spider motor cycle around the county and see the beautiful sight Huron County has. Even though things can be hard and overwhelming to deal with COVID and our other every day problems, when you're riding you feel free and are able to see the beauty of God's nature."

Heidi Still // "I enjoy sewing and quilting because you get to be creative while doing something practical. I love seeing a project go from conception to completion! And the look on someone’s face when you give them something homemade."

Ann Buschlen (pictured above) // "I love reading, but my all-time favorite activity to relieve stress is quilting. I have been quilting for over 30 years and absolutely love it! Quilting requires concentration and I find it keeps my mind occupied and I'm able to forget about other things so it helps me relax and unwind."

Nicole Licht // "I recharge best when I am spending time with my family. Recently, my daughter and I have decided to take tap lessons together and signed up for a mother/daughter class. We have been enjoying this special time together!"

Cindy Stork (pictured above) // "I love spending time with my grandchildren. They light up my day [and then I need another recharge :)]. I love their smiles, hugs and curiosity."

Diane Ricevuto // "There are a number of activities that make me feel "recharged". Believe it or not, cleaning and re-organizing my house on weekends, cooking, massage therapy, and most sports activities including golfing, pickleball, exercising and stretching. I love that they all provide me a sense of "me" time while still caring for and engaging with others."

Adrainne Keller // "I walk every day, either before or after work. It just relaxes me and I love being out on the trails and listening to nature."

Bonnie Essenmacher // "I love spending times with my children and watching them play sports. Also, going on trips and doing activities. This is so enjoyable because they are growing up to fast and sometimes it takes the worries away for a bit. Just to watch them laugh and have fun makes me happy.

Alexandria Peruski (pictured above) // "I recharge by driving my "fun" cars (Roadrunner, Camaro, etc.). I love that it doesn't involve much energy and I'm able to sit and relax while still getting out of the house."

Yvette Scharf // "I love kayaking and paddle boarding. It's amazing to get out on open water, exercise and take in nature. It's great for physical and mental health. The only downfall is there's only a few months out of the year in Michigan to enjoy these activities."

Matthew Meissner (pictured above) // "Golfing is how I recharge. I enjoy this because I get to be in the outdoors and I love the competition with yourself and others. Not to mention the social camaraderie with others and enjoyment of Michigan weather."

Laurey Hanselman // "I love quilting and working with my horses because both are the total opposite of medicine. For quilting, I have been doing it since 1992 and it's totally relaxing. For working with the horses, I get to be outside in nature and I love that. They are also very intuitive animals and can sense your mood. We connect with each other and have a very special bond while riding and that is imperative."

Patti Cucinello // Spending time with family and friends. We don't get to see some of the family members much, so when we get together we play cards and a lot of talking takes place, as well as eating and drinking adult beverages. We love to watch any sporting event on T.V. and yelling at the T.V. We find that relieves a lot of stress. (And a pillow or two can be seen from time to time being flung in the air..)

Heather McCleary (pictured above) // Lately, I have been recharging by knitting. I began knitting at the beginning of 2021 and I have already made seven blankets. I needed a new crafty project so I thought I could try this. It makes me happy to know that all my kids and others have blankets that I have made."

Lori Wisenbaugh // "When I need to recharge I put the music on! It's the one activity that requires you to use both sides of your brain. I love the peace it brings to me and how it brings up many good memories from the past."

Joanna Matthews (pictured above) // "Recharging means spending time with my family (preferably outdoors). We love camping and riding ATVs together. These activities bring me joy because they allow you to get away and focus in on being together and away from the hustle bustle activities of day to day life."

Kara Schmidt // "I recharge by going to the gym and lifting weights. It makes it enjoyable for me because I love how empowered I feel when lifting heavy weights and I'm able to let out the days frustrations. My biggest benefit is I've learned to live a healthy lifestyle for not only me, but my family. My girls, who are only 5 and 6 understand how important a healthy diet and exercise is."

Aaron Kuhl (pictured above) // "I enjoy playing soccer. I am able to get out, run and work off some of the built up energy. Afterwards, I feel less anxious and it usually gives me more energy knowing I have the next game to look forward too."

Melissa Willingham // "I recharge by going on vacations. I like to go to different places every year and seeing other cultures and the beautiful scenery."

Jodi Williamson // "My husband and I recharge by going for walks together. This gives us uninterrupted time to catch up on our our schedules and actually communicate! And bonus...we get some fresh air and
walk off any stress from the day!"

We hope our team has inspired you to recharge your batteries!

Share with us on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #BeScheurerToRecharge how you recharge your batteries in an effort to inspire others to do the same. Let us make 2022 the year of focusing on ourselves. After all, better health equals better life.

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