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Readers' Choice Awards Announced


Every day, we are reminded of just how many people trust us with their health and wellness. This is a responsibility that we do not take lightly and see it as a great honor. From receiving 10 Readers' Choice awards in 2020 to now receiving 29 awards in 2022, we just have two words to say to our community, THANK YOU. We are grateful to be voted as your first choice in healthcare for another year and set a new record for ourselves by placing in 29 categories.

Best Hospital // Scheurer Health - Winner

Best Place to Work // Scheurer Health - Finalist

Friendliest Employees // Scheurer Health - Finalist

Independent Living // Country Bay Village - Winner

Assisted Living // Country Gardens - Winner

Nursing Home // Scheurer Long Term Care - Finalist

Emergency Care // Scheurer Health - Winner

EMT // Alexandra Fleming - Winner

Family Doctor // Dan Drake, MD - Finalist

Family Doctor // Ross Ramsey, MD - Finalist

Fitness Center // Sandy Shores - Finalist

Nurse // Cherish Talaski, RN - Winner

Nurse Practitioner // Joanna Matthews, NP - Finalist

Nurse Practitioner // Brenda Kretzschmer, NP - Finalist

OB/GYN // Christina Andreozzi, MD - Finalist

Oncology // Scheurer Health - Winner

Optometry // Scheurer Vision - Finalist

Outpatient Medical Facility // Scheurer Health - Finalist

Pediatric Practice // Ross Ramsey, MD - Finalist

Pediatric Practice // Lois Booms, NP - Finalist

Pharmacy // Scheurer Family Pharmacy - Winner

Physical Therapist // Aaron Kuhl, DPT - Winner

Physician Assistant // Paul Penfold, PA - Finalist

Podiatry // Natayla Salowich, MD - Winner

Registered Nurse // Susie Irion, RN - Finalist

Registered Nurse // Cherish Talaski, RN - Finalist

Surgeon // Amanda McSweeney, MD - Finalist

Social Media // Scheurer Health - Finalist

Best Place to Volunteer // Scheurer Health - Winner

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