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Pies In The Face!


There is just something about watching whipped cream being plopped onto someone’s face. It triggers the inner child in all of us and erupts a room into rolling belly laughs, smiles and giggles. On Friday, April 21, five pies were flung to celebrate another successful Relay for Life fundraiser at Scheurer Health and kickstarted everyone’s weekend with a little extra luster.

The fun and anticipation began weeks earlier when our Relay for Life team announced the “Penny Wars” fundraiser at the beginning of April. Every department and location would be raising money through loose change and dollar bills as a competition to see who could accumulate the most cash. Whatever department raised the most money would have the chance to throw a whipped cream pie in the face of our President & CEO, Dr. Ross Ramsey. Scheurer employees quickly ran home, pulled out every couch cushion that they could find and finally cleaned out the space between the driver’s seat and center console in hopes of capturing every last nickel and dime out in the wild.

As a bonus, any department that raised over $50.00 would have the pleasure of pieing their own leader.

Altogether, Scheurer employees raised an impressive $546.15 – all donated to the American Cancer Society through our Relay for Life team at Scheurer Health.

Relay For Life - Pies In The Face
Dr. Ramsey, Lori Swartzendruber and Beth Gainforth pose with some of those in attendance on Friday, April 21. Carrie Martindale, pharmacist at Scheurer Family Pharmacy had to return to work after being pied in the face.

Fiscal Services and Finance raised the most of any department or location, raising $99.72. As a result, Barb Dufty would have the pleasure of pieing Dr. Ramsey in the face. Since Fiscal & Finance raised over $50, their leader, Beth Gainforth would also be receiving a pie to the face. Our Pigeon location of Scheurer Family Pharmacy raised $81.73, resulting in our pharmacist Carrie Martindale getting a complimentary whipped cream pie at 3:30pm and then having to finish out her shift until 8:00pm. Scheurer Primary Care – Caseville accumulated $75.84 and Specialty Care, Suite A raised $50.43. Both locations are lead by Lori Swartzendruber, which means she received not one, but two pies to the face. As you can imagine, Lori was…thrilled.

Coins and loose change counted toward the department total, while any bills were deducted from the "pie total" and listed in parenthesis.

Fiscal Services & Finance: $99.72
Scheurer Family Pharmacy - Pigeon: $81.73 (+$25.00)
Scheurer Primary Care - Caseville: $75.84
Specialty Care, Suite A: $50.43
Laboratory: $32.18
Acute Care: $26.82 (+20.00)
Scheurer Primary Care - Pigeon: $25.67 (+$1.00)
Environmental Services: $16.21
Nutritional Services: $15.80
Quality: $10.82 (+$1.00)
Human Resources: $10.18
Rehabilitation: $3.75 (+$50.00)

So, on an unseasonably cold Friday, the troops from departments across Scheurer gathered in the Ralph & Betty Wilson Education Center to watch the look of horror on their leaders’ faces as whipped cream was stacked, layer after layer, onto cheap, tin pie pans.

Dr. Ramsey was first and took it like a champ, whose pie was stacked just a little bit higher than the others. Our cameras were on hand to capture the action in 8x slow motion. You can watch all of the action from the day above.

Thank you to all of our teammates who donated to such a great cause. It not only raised money for the American Cancer Society but also finished the workweek on a bright (and messy) note. If you would like to help contribute to our Relay for Life team or even participate, contact our team captain, Camille Parmenter at 989.453.5252 or email her at

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