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New Year // New Normal

Start by focusing on what you can control. There are many things that you have zero control over. You have zero control over Covid-19 and executive orders. You can only control yourself. You can control the way that you think, feel and act. You can control what you do with your time. You control who you spend time with. You can control what you put in your body. Focus on the issues that you can control.

Related to control is adaptability. Have you learned how to adapt to the current pandemic environment? If you have not, you may not be in a healthy situation physically, emotionally, socially, or professionally. An example of how people have adapted socially is the use of video calling apps instead of having in-person gatherings. People are adapting professionally by working remotely, if possible. How are you adapting to the pandemic environment? Now could be a time to make that change.

Review your values and determine what is important to you. Many people are facing financial, emotional and physical crises. We have a limited amount of time, energy, and money. What are your priorities and what do you really value? How high on the priority list is spending time with the family? What about that extra hour at work? What about your health? Start to put more time and energy towards your priorities and let less important issues fall to the wayside. Determine what is important and spend more time doing that endeavor.

With what seems to be a new change every day, we are bound to get frustrated with ourselves. No matter how hard we try, we will make mistakes, get things wrong, have misunderstandings, and make blunders. This is a normal part of life but now we are in a pandemic. Awareness of mistakes are heightened. We need self-compassion. Self-compassion means that though we have flaws and make mistakes, we still show love, kindness, and forgiveness towards ourselves. We understand that we are not perfect and that is okay. We are human. We need to show ourselves the same grace that we would give to others.

In addition to self-compassion, self-care is another component we need to consider putting in our new normal. We need to take care of ourselves prior to taking care of others. Think of yourself as a pitcher full of water. When you help people, you are pouring your water into that person. You are filling their cup with your water. If you do not refill your pitcher, how can you fill up the cup of others? How can you help if you have nothing left to give? Many people are feeling as though they ran out of water and are burnt out by 2020. Learn ways to refill your pitcher through self-care.

I encourage you to take action now and create a new normal. Take an active role in the creation of the new normal. You’ve been constantly adjusting and adapting to changes on a regular basis. Create the new normal where you not only survive, but strive. Change the new normal to your liking. You determine what is important to you and how much time you put into it. Include self-care and self-compassion in your daily schedule. You choose your new normal. Make 2021 the best year yet.

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