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Blog: A Scheurer Thing

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MSU Neighborhood Nurses


Michigan State University's College of Nursing started a blog called "Neighborhood Nurses." It's a blog that highlights alumni Spartan nurses that returned to the place they have called "home" for all or most of their lives after college.

Last week, our very own Brenda Kretzschmer, BSN was featured on their Neighborhood Nurses blog. Brenda graduated from MSU's College of Nursing in 1995 and returned back home to care for her family, friends and neighbors as a family nurse practitioner at Scheurer Primary Care - Sebewaing.

“After finishing a nurse externship at Scheurer Hospital during my last year of school, I re-fell in love with the small-town community,” said Kretzschmer. “There’s nowhere you go where you don’t recognize someone. You’re always around people who know you and care about you. Caring for patients at a personal level has made me fall in love with nursing even more,” Brenda shared with MSU.

We are extremely thankful to have you on our team over the years, Brenda! Thank you for being Scheurer.

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