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Lobby-to-Lobby Construction Update

The Lobby-to-Lobby Construction Project

Scroll to the bottom for a listing and aerial view of our available entrances

If you have been on our main campus over the last few weeks, you likely noticed a number of changes or may have had to take a few extra steps to reach your final destination. This is all part of our Lobby-to-Lobby Construction project that kicked off in May and has been progressing forward every single day.

The Lobby-to-Lobby Construction will give our most used areas of the hospital a refreshed look with the most convenience possible for our patients and visitors. Healthcare is ever-evolving and we take great pride in offering you the best possible service in your local community. We are currently in Phase 02 (of four), which unfortunately requires us to close down both of our lobbies simultaneously. This was done to minimize the amount of time needed for the length of the project and limit the number of headaches it may cause.

Lobby-to-Lobby Construction // Phase 02

Our construction team has done an amazing job preparing for this project, with planning beginning well over two years ago. Collins Associated Builders is our general contractor and was able to have every contractor lined up and ready to go when it was time to move forward. Maurer Electric, Thumb Cooling & Heating and all of our subcontractors have done a remarkable job to keep the disruptions to a minimum while we keep our doors open to our patients and visitors.

Many analogies have been used to describe this project with the leading two as:

"It's like shutting down the main runway, but keeping the airport open."

"It's like we rearranged the entire grocery store. It might be a hassle at first, but it's truly for the best."

We realize your favorite parking spot or preferred entrance may not be available at the moment, but rest assured, we have kept our timeline as tight as possible with the best outcomes in mind. Some new products have been implemented, such as STARC Systems' RealWall which allows us to avoid those pesky plastic construction sheets from being used -- no more painter's tape holding up barriers and drywall dust leaking into other areas. Our STARC walls put up a hard surface wall so that noise can be reduced and the environment can remain as clean and safe as possible. All of this with our patients and visitors at the top of mind, so that we can continue to provide you with our vision of "Better Health. Better Life.."

Entrance & Parking Changes

The biggest change that you will notice is what entrance you will enter from and where you will park. During Phase 02, most hospital foot traffic will enter through what we call the "Clock Entrance," which is located in between the two driveways and our typical entrances (with the overhangs). For those who have been around the block once or twice in life, you may recall the Clock Entrance was the original front door of the hospital. The Clock Entrance is the only available entrance for any patients or visitors to Acute Care, Scheurer Primary Care - Pigeon, our Walk-In Clinic, Winsor Clinic (Dr. Khan), Surgical Services, Scheurer Family Pharmacy, Laboratory, Diagnostic Imaging, Infusion Therapy, etc..

Please note: our Rehabilitation and Long Term Care entrances are still available as normal throughout the duration of construction. Pharmacy Curbside Delivery, Materials Management and the Testing Center are also operating as usual.

We have also created a separate Emergency Department & Specialty Clinic entrance, located to the north of the normal Main Entrance. This entrance is strictly for Specialty Clinic or Emergency Department visits. All other patients and visitors will use the Clock Entrance. The Emergency Department and Specialty Clinic entrance can be accessed by following the pavement and sidewalk to the north (or left, if looking at the hospital) of the Main Entrance overhang. The door is on the corner of the building. There is a large sign above the door with plenty of additional signage on the construction fencing.

Parking has been shifted to allow the shortest available distance for you to the door. You will notice that the traditional area to park near the Barth Medical Arts entrance has been temporarily converted to employee parking. This change has allowed for additional patient and visitor parking closer to the Clock Entrance and Emergency & Specialty Clinic Entrances. Your fastest way to find a parking spot is to enter from the main driveway (where the tall Scheurer Health sign is located) and locate your spot from there.

Emergency & Specialty Clinic Entrance
Located to the north (left) of the Main Entrance overhang

Emergency Department
Specialty Clinic

Park to the left of the Main Entrance overhang

Clock Entrance // Temporary Main Entrance
Located to the south (right) of the Main Entrance overhang. A large clock is located above the door.

Acute Care
Diagnostic Imaging
Dining Room
Medical Records (Health Information)
Scheurer Family Pharmacy
Scheurer Primary Care - Pigeon
Surgical Services
Walk-In Clinic
Winsor Clinic

Park to the right of the Main Entrance overhang

Lobby to Lobby Construction // Phase 02

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