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Blog: A Scheurer Thing

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Lights of Love is back!

When Lights of Love began in 2017, we were overwhelmed by the community response and support that we received. Over 200 individuals and organizations were honored and/or memorialized. It was because of the strong support of our community that Scheurer Hospital is what it is today. In fact, when a new hospital was proposed in 1970, the local area came together and $1,118,409.31 was pledged for the construction of Scheurer Hospital's current location. Since then, there have been so many additions and renovations that we have lost count -- and it all stems from our community. Our hospital auxiliary is the backbone of our fundraising efforts. Lights of Love is another great project undertaken by the Scheurer Hospital Auxiliary.

The front of Scheurer Hospital, adorned with Lights of Love. The blue tree represented all of the Veterans that were recognized.

Lights of Love offers the opportunity to honor or remember an individual, organization, teammate, friend or even acquaintance. There are various levels of support from a holiday light to custom Bronner's ornaments to outdoor trees to large snowflakes. Donations begin at $20.00 and go up from there. Each donation is then listed on our Lights of Love website, in our program during the lighting ceremony and visible on signage for the entire month of December. Those being recognized receive a card in the mail notifying them of their family/friend's generosity in their name.

New in 2018: we have officially rolled out online ordering and recognition! Our new website allows us to have a much more interactive interface and online capabilities. This allows those who are not able to enjoy the Thumb lifestyle to be a part of this great fundraiser. All proceeds benefit the Scheurer Hospital Auxiliary, which in turn donates all money raised to your community hospital. To be a part of this year's Lights of Love campaign, click here.

The entire roof line of Scheurer was able to be lined with holiday lights along with each and every tree/bush, as well.

We are fortunate to have a very involved committee to manage our Lights of Love campaign. Planning begins months and even seasons before the holidays are on our minds (even before the box store displays go up!). Without their dedication, this fundraiser for our community healthcare organization would not be possible.

For more information or to take part, click here for the home of Lights of Love.

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