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Girls On The Run // Fall 2021



Have you heard about Girls on the Run? On November 6, Scheurer Health wrapped up our third season of Girls on the Run. This after school program was eight weeks long with 16 sessions and consisted of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders from Laker Elementary.

"Girls on the Run is a research-based program that helps girls find their inner confidence and teaches them to let it shine," said Jaylee Chandonnet, Girls on the Run Coach and Scheurer's Community Wellness Manager.

The girls are given a journal at the start of the program consisting of different prompts that get them to express how they're feeling.

"Alex and I don't read their journals. Those are personal to them and serve as a place where they can share their feelings," explained Jaylee.

This research-based curriculum includes three parts: Helping the girls to understand themselves, getting them to value relationships and team work, and last but not least, helping them recognize how they can shape the world at large.

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