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BREAKING: Easter Bunny Visits Country Bay Village

Easter Bunny Spotted at Country Bay Village

Investigation side-tracked with ongoing meal-title controversy

By Clark Ramsey & Kelsey Ulfig

"It must have been all of that wind out there."

That's the leading theory for officials as they track down why the Easter Bunny blew in to Country Bay Village a few days ahead of schedule for the international holiday.

Thursday, April 06 was on track to be like any other day at Country Bay Village, our independent living community in Pigeon. Residents had gathered in the main dining room for lunch …or supper …or dinner …the name of the meal all depending on who you ask.

Regardless of the meal’s 12:00pm official title, Ida Stockmeyer was enjoying her freshly made chicken dinner when something caught her eye out the window and Ida shouted, “There’s something in the bushes!” and before anyone could even finish their baked beans, the Easter Bunny came hopping down the hallway into the dining room with its basket in hand ready to deliver some holiday treats.

Immediately, questions were raised in what felt like a sudden reboot of the television program Dragnet. Who was it? Why was it here? What’s in the basket? It’s only Thursday? Is it called lunch or dinner??

The residents looked around, quickly taking attendance of all Country Bay Village staff. It couldn’t have been Matt Roemer, manager of the community; he was far too tall. It couldn’t have been Beth Maust; she was far too short. All staff members were accounted for…except for one: one Joely Chandonnet, the newest member on the team and seemed to fit the description of this rogue rabbit roaming the halls of Scheurer Senior Living.

When later pressed on the subject, Chandonnet responded coyly, “Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids!” which sent the investigation into a tailspin and placed her mugshot on the top of a corkboard in some dimly lit room back at police headquarters.

The questions seemed to subside quickly though as the Easter Bunny made its rounds through the Dining Room, taking pictures with the residents while handing out homemade sugar cookies and Better Made potato chips, which paired quite deliciously with the baked beans of…supper…?

And just as fast as the Easter Bunny blew in with the wind, she was gone, onto the next stop to help spread the Easter spirit.

We wish you all a happy Easter and ask that you join us in thanking our entire team at Scheurer Senior Living for helping make our residents’ day.

Editor’s note: the meal that is served daily at 12:00pm is clearly and obviously called “lunch.” No phone calls or emails will be accepted with other such preposterous claims.

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