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COVID-19 Vaccines Arrive at Scheurer Health


Historically, the Monday after Christmas would be a low-energy type of day across a workplace, however at Scheurer Health, emotions and energy levels were at a ten-month high. Over the holiday weekend, the first shipment of COVID-19 vaccines were delivered to Scheurer Health and distribution to front-line employees began promptly Monday morning at seven o’clock.

Dr. Ross Ramsey, Vice-President of Medical Affairs and physician at Scheurer Primary Care – Elkton, was eager to receive the Moderna vaccine and volunteered to be the first one to signify his faith and belief in the science behind it. “It is exciting to be able to have additional protection for the entire Scheurer Health. Over the last few months, we have had repeated exposure to the virus and receiving this first dose so quickly is a huge step to combat COVID-19 and bring some normalcy back to our lives.”

Scheurer Health received 500 doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, which was granted emergency authorization from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) just ten days prior on December 18, 2020. Based off of the required multiple phases of studies, the Moderna vaccine is 94.5% effective in preventing COVID-19 and is not required to be kept at ultra-frozen temperatures, allowing for longer transport times and distribution opportunities. Ramsey added, “The only way to achieve herd immunity from COVID-19 is through a vaccine. As a result, we are truly thankful for the eased supply chain logistics of Moderna to help vaccinate rural America.”

Terrance E. Lerash, President & CEO of Scheurer Health has been looking forward to this day since COVID-19 brought a halt to normal life back in the early days of spring. “Since this pandemic began, the entire world has been looking and wondering when a solution to COVID-19 would be achieved. Locally, we can mark that day as December 28th – 276 days since we began wearing masks at Scheurer Health. Now, it is our responsibility more than ever to live our vision of ‘Better Health. Better Life.’ by keeping our entire community healthy and safe from the pandemic.”

The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is a two-part series that requires the second shot to be administered 28 days after receiving the first. It is not considered to be fully effective until 14 days after the second dose. Lerash noted, “Despite having an additional preventative barrier with the vaccine, Scheurer Health will still be utilizing every precaution possible to protect our patients, customers and employees.”

After receiving the vaccine, Ramsey was asked what he will be telling his patients about it. “The science is there and the studies are there. It is safe and truly remarkable of how effective it is to battle against the virus. I encourage everyone to do their part and get vaccinated when it is their turn.”

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