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3D Mammography at Scheurer

“See your health in three-dimensions” – that’s the new mantra of our Digital Breast Mammography + Tomosynthesis service line, or commonly referred to as “3D Mammography.” Much like anything in life, the ability to see things from multiple angles allows for a better understanding of any situation, place and scenario; the same can be said about Breast Imaging. Over the years, many improvements have been made for the detection of cancer. Making the switch from Analog to Digital Mammography was a huge technological advancement. Now, with better resolution and the addition of Tomosynthesis (making it 3D), the ability to catch cancers at an early stage has never been better. The science behind 3D Mammography allows the screening exam to capture additional images from more than just the top and side, as previous 2D mammograms allowed. Having a final image in greater detail allows the Radiologist to determine a more accurate and precise diagnosis.

At Scheurer, your tests and images are read on-site by our very-own David Dubriwny, D.O.. He is dual-fellowship-trained in Radiology, with a fellowship in Breast Imaging. Recent studies have shown that Digital Mammography + Tomosynthesis (3D Mammography) is able to detect 90% more breast cancers than previous practices. The study recently published by the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) also goes on to state that with a higher detection rate, the chance of a “false-positive” (when something is detected, but turns out to be incorrect) drops dramatically.

Dr Dubriwny
Dr. David Dubriwny stands in his Radiology Reading Room, which looks more like NASA's Mission Control

We get it – having a mammogram is not a comfortable experience. But knowing that you are taking the most-advanced steps in maintaining your health is a small proactive task to take for such a huge proactive leap. Scheurer’s Diagnostic Imaging team is second-to-none. Their main goal is your comfort and for the best outcome. When you combine their unrivaled attention to detail with the best technology in the Thumb, the results are unprecedented. You can rest assured that your 3D Mammogram at Scheurer is evaluated and read by the most qualified Radiologist in the area, right here, on-site. There is no waiting for it to be shipped off to a big city or another facility with the hope that it will be placed on top of the pile.

So, if you want to provide yourself with the most advanced care in breast imaging, discuss 3D Mammography with your physician. Be ‘sure’ to mention that you want to have your 3D Mammogram performed at Scheurer. If you already have a mammogram order (thank you for being proactive!), you can contact our Central Scheduling department at 989.453.5250 to arrange your appointment at Scheurer.

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