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Annual Service Awards


The 12 months of 2020 certainly did not go to plan, but it did reveal just how great of a team we have at Scheurer. In the early months of the year, our team made a difference in patients’ lives every single day.

Then COVID-19 hit our country’s shores.

From March 12th through today, the Scheurer team, comprised of 486 medical professionals stepped up to the plate time-after-time and hit it out of the ballpark every time. Through all of the unknowns that the pandemic brought to light, we remained confident in our vision of “Better Health. Better Life.” because of the outstanding dedication and professionalism of our award-winning staff. Scheurer Health was able to move forward and become a beacon of hope for our local community because of our amazing team that looked COVID-19 in the eye and took its challenges head-on.

Every year around October, Scheurer Health has the tradition of recognizing its staff with what we call “Service Awards.” A luncheon is attended by those who are celebrating anniversaries of five-year increments and are joined by their department’s leader to celebrate the occasion. The purpose is to recognize each and every person that has dedicated so much of their life to this organization. Every person’s name is read aloud, rousing applause follows, a gift is given, stories are shared of years past and a photo is taken to commemorate the occasion. It is a memorable and joy-filled day every calendar year. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 protocols in place, the annual Service Awards luncheon had to be canceled, but the appreciation of those who make Scheurer successful was not forgotten and is still at the forefront of the organization.

To celebrate the 2020 work anniversaries, a day was established for employees to receive their gift personally from our President & CEO, Terry Lerash. On Friday, February 19, employees received their gift, as well as a pin marking their number of years at Scheurer, a gift card to our dining room and a photo taken so that we can celebrate their accomplishments not only with our entire organization but also the entire Thumb community. Altogether, 79 employees celebrated their work anniversaries for a combined total of 1,055 years – that is over a millennium of service dedicated to the vision of “Better Health. Better Life.”

We could not be more proud of what our 486 healthcare professionals do every single day to make Scheurer so successful. Congratulations to all of those who are celebrating their anniversaries and a heart-filled thank you goes out to every one of our Scheurer teammates.

Please join us in celebrating the achievements of these 79 individuals!

Scroll down for a photo gallery


Sue Freeman // Care Coordination


Janet Briolat // Scheurer Health Center - Sebewaing
Sue Deering // Cardiac Rehab


David Cook // Housekeeping
Connie Damm // Materials Management
Kelli Dufty // Surgical Services
Susie Irion // Emergency Dept & Lakers Wellness Clinic
Carrie Langley // Rehabilitation
Terry Lutz // Finance
Nancy Pardee // Medical Records (HIMS)
Traci Pechette // Acute Care
Scott Reiter // Scheurer Primary Care - Caseville
Denise Sarka // Long Term Care
Melissa Shupe // Laboratory
Jodi Smith // Specialty Care


Robin Beachy // Long Term Care
Jenny Cygan // Nutritional Services
Lesa Eden // Scheurer Family Pharmacy - Pigeon
Cathy Jordan // Medical Records (HIMS)
Eli Kabban // Rehabilitation
Kathryn McGathy // Finance
Lori Montgomery // Specialty Care
Paul Penfold // Scheurer Primary Care - Caseville


Amy Babcock // Fiscal Services
Laura Bond // Acute Care
Darren Buckholz // Information Technology
Amber Delmotte // Materials Management
Jodi Hamel // Long Term Care
Burnadette Heck // Laundry Services
Pamela Howard // Entry Screening/Country Gardens
Cheryl Lutz // Scheurer Vision
Betsy Mastalinski // Entry Screening/Country Gardens
Rosemarie Miles // Country Gardens Assisted Living
Roxane Osantowski // Rehabilitation
Maureen Reibling // Surgical Services
Cheryl Rowe // Acute Care
Karen Wisenbaugh // Country Gardens Assisted Living
Lori Wisenbaugh // Rehabilitation


Neil Belmont // Laboratory
Sally Bruce // Scheurer Health EMS
Casey Craig // Scheurer Family Pharmacy - Pigeon
Jennifer Dunn // Patient Access
Timothy Ferguson // Laboratory
Angela Lackie // Pharmacy
Tammy Ritter // Housekeeping
David Segroves // Walk-In Clinic
Julie Seley // Scheurer Vision
Deanne Smith // Materials Management
Megan Terrian // Pediatrics
Trisha Trischler // Laboratory


Linda Clark // Surgical Services
Sheena Damm // Scheurer Primary Care - Pigeon
Shelby Dewald // Acute Care
Bonnie Essenmacher // Scheurer Primary Care - Pigeon
Doug Freeman // Plant Engineering
Robyn Fritz // Long Term Care
Sandra Franz // Caseville School Wellness Clinic
Erin Fritz // Patient Access
Melissa Gilbert // Fiscal Services
Julia Harbuck-Valley // Infection Prevention & Clinical Education
Barbara Herford // Surgical Services
Loretta Isham // Country Gardens Assisted Living
Angela Kelly // Rehabilitation/Scheurer Health Center - Sebewaing
Nicole Krozek // Patient Access
Jillian LaFave // Scheurer Primary Care - Elkton
Terrance Lerash // President & CEO
Libby Maxwell // Surgical Services
Michelle McArdle // Scheurer Family Pharmacy - Elkton
Laurie Ostrander // Primary Care
Beverly Peyerk // Nutritional Services
Jeanne Putman // Community Wellness
Marci Rievert // Acute Care
Todd Schember // Scheurer Health EMS
Sherry Seley // Nutritional Services
Jaime Shepherd // Fiscal Services
Lisa Tardiff // Country Gardens Assisted Living
Stephanie Vermeersch // Surgical Services
Mike Viers // Facility Services
Cheryl Woodke // Finance

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