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Keeping the holiday season cheery

Community news | Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The end of the year is both exciting and stressful. It means lots of holiday parties, school programs, a time to reflect and be thankful and to rejoice in the start of a new year. In the midst of all the excitement it is easy to lose track of some basic health and safety precautions.

With the cold weather comes cold and flu season. The best way to protect yourself and stop the spread of illness is to wash your hands! This may seem like something we do every day anyway, but it is particularly important this time of year. It would also be a good idea to every-so-often go through your house with disinfectant and clean door handles, remotes and other things we touch often.

There is no need to be the strong man/woman in the cold. Stay warm. Don’t fight turning on the heat in the house. Put an extra layer on when you go outside. Layers should be loose-fitting with tight woven fabric. Make sure your clothes are dry if you are working outside; this includes when you sweat.

Although the holidays may be stressful with needing to be here, there and everywhere, it is important to try to keep that stress in check. It’s okay to say no. Don’t overbook yourself or agree to too many things. Not only does it add stress to your schedule but it can also stress your budget. This is the time of year to be grateful for what we have and to spend time with loved ones, not to stress ourselves.

The holidays can mean travel and although the snow isn’t here yet, it is important to remember it is coming. Take this time to prep your vehicle for the elements. Also beware of farm equipment and deer! Farmers are busy taking off crops, so give yourself some extra time as there may be a little extra traffic on the road. As colder weather and hunting season approaches the deer are on the move and don’t obey traffic laws like we would hope. If you’re driving in the early morning or at night be extra aware of their presence.

Last but not least, eat healthy and stay active. Although the turkey coma is hard to fight off during the holidays, try not to overdo it on the holiday foods. Moderation is key during the holidays, and really the rest of the year. Don’t let the colder weather slow your physical activity down. Exercise helps keep your spirits up. This is especially beneficial in a time of year where it’s easy for your mood to go down. A good goal to work towards is one hour of physical activity every day. Make raking those leaves a party, dance to the holiday music and decorate or clean your house with a little extra speed.

The holidays don’t have to be stressful. Keep yourself, and others, in good health by washing your hands and disinfecting household hardware. Stay warm when you are outside raking or enjoying the fall colors. Make sure you don’t overbook yourself or your checkbook. Keep your eyes on the road for deer and farm equipment. And finally, enjoy those holiday foods - but not too much. Happy fall everyone!